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Environment and Health Under the Microscope

This talk was delivered as the fourth and final installment for a year long series Environment & Health: under the microscope. GESA partnered with the Global Health Academy to deliver four events with eight speakers covering a range of topics such as Resilient Cities, Extreme Weather and Health, Pollution and Health and finally Ecosystem Services and Health.

Public talk with Dr Janet Fisher & Dr Sharron Ogle

All living things depend on their environment for energy and for the basic requirements that sustain life - air, water, food and habitat. This simple dynamic is not in dispute. However there is a growing body of evidence that suggests the relationship between environment and human health is in fact a reciprocal one, each having complex effects on the other.

Recently, a socio-economic approach to evaluating the benefits and services provided by ecosystems has provided insight into the threats and challenges that may lie ahead. Our health ultimately depends upon ecosystem products and services - namely the processes by which the environment produces resources utlilised by humans.

The ecosystems services approach provides a framework for decision making, and for valuing the ‘products, functions and services’ ecosystems provide, to ensure that society can maintain a healthy and resilient natural environment, now, and for future generations.

The UK National Ecosystem Assessment indicates that the United Kingdom relies on it’s ecosystems for a range of services that include climate regulation, waste removal, pest control, flood protection, food supply, potable water, natural medicine, aesthetics, recreation and tourism, among many others.

Therefore, the degradation of our environment, ecosystems it supports and therefore the “products and services” it provides, can have seriously harmful and far-reaching impacts on society, its governance and the economy (1).

Great event, liked the links drawn and the chance to speak with presenters

A HumeStudent

Dr Janet Fisher lecture

Dr Sharron Ogle lecture

This event was part of a series run in collaboration with the Global Health Academy. For more information and videos please see here