Global Environment & Society Academy

GESA at the International Science Festival

GESA was well represented at the 2017 Edinburgh International Science Festival this April.

GESA Deputy Director Elizabeth Bomberg featured in the ‘Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas: Climate Change in a connected World. She joined a comedian, mediator, and robotics specialists to discuss climate communication in dangerous times. Bomberg’s ‘dangerous’ (or at least counter-intuitive) idea was: don’t talk about climate or lots of scientific data; instead use stories about economic gain, health, pride of place, faith imperatives, grandkids, justice.
GESA also supported a series of exciting events including Team Shrub’s exhibition in which digital artists and ecologists used artistic data visualisations and video animations to communicate the science of environmental change. More generally, it was great to see so many GESA students and academics attend the rich variety of Science events this year.
We look forward to 2018 and more GESA-linked events.