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Weather Matters

A space for those of us in GESA working on climate-change-related issues to talk together

Scholarship on weather and climate change beyond meteorology is disunited.

There are many of us working in different institutions, disciplines and countries, and that is great, that doesn't need to change, the challenges facing us are equally disparate. However, during a conversation at the RAI Anthropology, Weather and Climate Change conference at the British Museum in May 2016, a group of us realised that we'd appreciate somewhere to carry on the conversation. Not a journal, there are plenty of those, but a place for opinions, debate, reviews etc. - a hub where we could feel like a community without flying all over the world to be in one place. Enter See the 'web roundup' for a summary of some of the exciting things happening out there right now. 

This is a space for those of us in GESA working on climate-change-related issues to talk together, including with colleagues further afield. Do consider contributing, whether it's a conference or book review, an opinion on where we should be focusing our efforts in understanding what climate change means for humanity, a piece of writing that didn't quite fit in a thesis or article but might still be interesting to colleagues, or some expressive visual or audio material. And do forwards this on to potentially interested contacts. is a space for debate and conversation among scholars with an interest in weather and climate change. Not a journal, it is somewhere for the currently disparate field to talk about what we are doing, why, how to do it, and for book reviews, conference reviews and photo essays.