Global Environment & Society Academy

New MSc in Landscape and Wellbeing

OPENspace delighted to announce new one-year masters programme will take an innovative and interdisciplinary approach to understanding the importance of the environment for human health and wellbeing.

Delivered by an expert academic team led by Professor Catharine Ward Thompson and Dr Simon Bell, it will draw on the most advanced theories and methods for research in the field and is aimed at academics and practitioners working in landscape architecture, planning, design, geography, public health, psychology, epidemiology, horticulture and ecology.  

landscape wellbeing msc

It is designed to educate students in the evidence base and gaps in our understanding of salutogenic landscapes (those that support and enhance human health and wellbeing), translate research into practice, and guide more effective environmental interventions. Drawing on their prior disciplines, successful graduates will acquire the necessary skills and expertise to promote the value of landscape to support health and wellbeing.


To find out more, please contact the programme director, Catharine Ward Thompson, Simon Bell or go to