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GESA November Reading Group - Fracking POSTPONED


A path to energy security or climate vulnerability?

Now, the global expansion of a new extraction technology called ‘fracking’ heralds a new ‘Dash for Gas’ that could serve to provide energy security and carbon emission cuts which dwarf those of the last gas boom. Unfortunately, this new process, and the vast reserves of gas it makes available, pose a major threat to avoiding dangerous climate change.

Prof. Dave ReayAssistant Principal, Global Environment & Society

The second of our Masters Reading Groups we will be an interdisciplinary reflection on fracking with Dr Elizabeth Bomberg and Prof. Dave Reay.

The GESA Reading groups are inclusive and relaxed, their aim is to bring students from a variety of disciplines together to discuss particular topical issues from the environment and society arena. After short presentations from our academics, students will break into smaller discussion groups facilitated by our GESA Doctoral network students.

To frame discussions please read the blogs and familiarise yourself with the indicative readings and discussion questions.

You can find Dr Bomberg and Prof Reay's blogs here:

GESA November Reading Group - Fracking

Wednesday 25 November 2015, 6.00pm - 8.00pm

Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation