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GESA Deputy Director visits University of California, Berkeley

GESA deputy director Elizabeth Bomberg spent some time as a visiting scholar at the University of California, Berkeley where she was researching the politics surrounding fracking (a topic also tackled by GESA Masters reading group), and a new project on environmental activism in churches.

Elizabeth Bomberg

Berkeley is terrific place to conduct such research. The campus is known for its activism on free speech, anti-war, environment and social justice.

Article: From protest to social media: how student activism has changed

Berkeley also hosts a series of institutes and academies seeking the same sort of inter-disciplinary research and teaching we at GESA promote. Elizabeth spent time with representatives of these institutes to see what lessons can be shared. If Elizabeth could share anything with California right now it would be Scottish rain (yes really!)

California is suffering one of the most severe droughts in history and water shortages are imminent. All you brilliant environmental scientists out there: can you help us engineer a transatlantic swap: Scottish water for some of that Californian sun?