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The Global Environment and Society Academy hosts regular talks and networking events - here you will find details about upcoming events.


GESA Masters Reading Group - Fracking

5pm – 6:30pm

Wednesday 15 November 2017

Room 1.18, Paterson’s Land

Our first Masters Reading Group will be an interdisciplinary reflection on fracking with Prof Elizabeth Bomberg and Prof Dave Reay.

The GESA Reading groups are inclusive and relaxed. They are designed to bring together students from a variety of disciplines to discuss particular topical issues involving environment and society. After short presentations from our academics, students will break into smaller groups to discuss, debate and address selected questions. We will then re-convene to share findings from the groups.

To prepare for our discussions please read some/all of the short pieces below (or other pieces of interest to you)

  • BBC article on Scottish Government’s recent decision not to allow fracking
  • You can find Prof Reay's blog on fracking here
  • Prof Bomberg’s article on the discourse used by advocates and opponents of fracking: Bomberg, E 2015, 'Shale We Drill? Discourse Dynamics in UK Fracking Debates' Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning, pp. 1-17 (available through DiscoverED)

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Our Changing World

6:30pm, 24 October 2017

George Square Lecture Theatre

Please join us for the Our Changing World lecture, 'Natural benefits: human-nature relationships in the contemporary world', with Dr Nina Morris.

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Out of the Wreckage

6:30pm, 20 October 2017

Lecture Theatre A, David Hume Tower

An evening of discussion with George Monbiot. What does the good life - and the good society - look like in the twenty-first century? 

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UNFCCC Conference of the Parties

David Somervell (GESA member, ECCI associate) and Paul Allen (Zero Carbon Britain team) are planning a series of events around the November 2017 UNFCCC Conference of the Parties.  If interested in finding out more contact David at:  

Social Responsibility and Sustainability newsletter

We’d encourage all GESA students and staff to sign up to the University’s Social Responsibility and Sustainability newsletter. It’s a great way to keep abreast of events and opportunities linked to environment and society.

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Collaborative Building Project Volunteer

We are recruiting students to participate in a collaborative building sustainable design project. The proposals for sustainable and exciting new spaces for student learning and study will contribute to the MSc Advanced Sustainable Design course in Semester 1. Total commitment is 8 hours (please see the link below for specific dates).  Please confirm interest by the end of the 12th October 2017. 

Sustainability Awards Student Auditor

SRS are recruiting student volunteers to audit departments participating in the University’s 2017 Sustainability Awards programme.  As a volunteer, you will work with a member of the Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability to audit the performance of at least one participant. This involves reviewing evidence submitted by the department, conducting an on-site assessment and interview, providing feedback and ultimately advising on whether they fulfil Award requirements.  Please confirm interest by the end of 16th October 2017

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