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A work-based placement will increase your employability and complement your academic work by allowing you to undertake specific research and gain valuable work experience.

A work-based placement will provide you with an excellent opportunity to apply the theoretical concepts covered in your coursework to real world contexts.

You will also gain invaluable transferable skills through practical work experience with international development organisations.

The work-based placement will improve your position in the job market when combined with the specialised academic knowledge offered by your degree.

Practical experience

Work-based placements typically last 8 weeks and take place at the end of semester two (May to June).

You will be partnered with a host organisation where you will undertake a specific, short-term writing or research assignment.

Previous placements have seen students produce:

  • briefing papers
  • literature reviews
  • project progress reports
  • field monitoring reports
  • grant proposals
  • annual reports
  • policy documents
  • field-based research outputs.

Dissertation opportunities

You will be assigned both an academic supervisor from the University and a placement supervisor from within the host organisation.

The work-based placement will form the basis for your final dissertation. It is an opportunity for in-depth examination of a real-world problem and is excellent preparation for writing and compiling your own academic research.

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