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Latest Consultancy Opportunities

Working with colleagues, the GDA put together a list of exciting opportunities that work alongside our main research themes

Colombia’s peace process and Latin America

This post was written by Sara Valencia and Alejandra Londoño. It reports from a series of recent workshops on the Colombian peace process, led by Colombian students at The University of Edinburgh. The Global Justice Academy and the Global Development Academy supported the workshops.

Unrecognized in the Shadows – the Plight of the Stateless

This blog post was written by Lee Caspi and Federica Sola, masters students of the LL.M in Human Rights at the University of Edinburgh. The blog reports on the panel event “Unrecognized in the Shadows: The Plight of the Stateless” on the topic of statelessness, hosted recently in Edinburgh, that received funding from the Global Justice and Global Development academies’ joint Innovative Initiative Fund.

The Asylum Monologues

This blog has been written by Dr Grit Wesser, a postdoctoral fellow in Social Anthropology at The University of Edinburgh. Here, she reports from a recent Asylum Monologues event in Edinburgh, which brought together performers, academics, students and the public to discuss this global human rights issue.

Cinema and Social Justice in Zimbabwe: An Evening with Agnieszka Piotrowska

Brooks Marmon is a PhD student in the Centre of African Studies at The University of Edinburgh.  His thesis examines Zimbabwean responses to the broader process of decolonization in Africa. In this blog post, he writes about an illuminating evening in Edinburgh with Agnieszka Piotrowska on cinema and social justice in Zimbabwe.

The Future of Pan-Africanism

This blog post was written by Micaela Opoku-Mensah, a masters student in Africa and International Development at The University of Edinburgh. Micaela reports from The Future of Pan-Africanism event, hosted recently in Edinburgh, that received funding from the Global Development and Global Justice academies’ joint Innovative Initiative Fund.

The launch of Gender, Rights ANd Development (GRAND) Network - 25 April 2016

GRAND is a network dedicated to building (and continually expanding) an international network of feminists, gender theorists and development practitioners, and those who are interested in consolidating and advancing the conceptual understanding of gender in their respective work. It launches on the 25th of April, 2016, at Surgeons' Hall.

British Academy International Partnership and Mobility Award Funded: Future Himalaya Dialogue, May 23-24, 2016

The future of the Himalayas has recently become of great concern to the global community. This two-day workshop will involve presentations and small group discussions, with priority given to discussion sessions that can think concretely around the core workshop questions.