Global Development Academy


Our goal is to make a profound contribution to global development that is practical as well as intellectual.

Watering the field

We build on Edinburgh’s four-century long engagement with the world to transcend boundaries - disciplinary, intellectual and institutional.

Our strategy is to:

  • provide the best possible training for tomorrow’s leaders
  • ensure our research is profound in its impact
  • build capacity and sustainable relationships with our partners, wherever they may be

Multidisciplinary solutions

Tomorrow’s problems are complex and global in nature. They require thoughtful, multidisciplinary solutions. Patterns of poverty, inequality and underdevelopment reflect political, economic and historical legacies and relationships.

Efforts to shape a better global future require a breadth of knowledge and expertise to exert change Our network brings together experts a wide range of fields, within the University and beyond, supporting academics and practitioners to collaborate in innovative, cutting-edge research projects.

Research that enriches learning

We understand that our research enriches teaching and learning, inspiring today’s students to shape a better tomorrow.

By working across the University’s three colleges and with development agencies across the world, we offer students unique opportunities to combine practice and academia.