Global Development Academy

Innovative Initiative Fund

Funding Opportunities

The Innovative Initiative Fund is open to new applications that relate to the activities of our research themes:

  • Conflict, Peace, and Justice
  • Urban Justice and Development
  • Gender Justice, Rights and Development
  • Migration
  • Media and Technology for Justice and Development
  • Energy Access and Equality
  • Evidence, Measurement, and Indicators

We fund applications with awards of up to £500.

Criteria and Guidance 

Innovative processes and outputs that link clearly to one or more of our Research Themes will be central to assessing the merit of applications during the 2016-17 academic year.

Applications may include funding for refreshments, but the IIF will not provide funding for the purchase of alcoholic beverages. Therefore, the cost of beverages for drinks receptions will not be funded.

Applications may be made by any postgraduate and undergraduate student at the University of Edinburgh, or by any member of staff of the University of Edinburgh.

The Innovative Initiative Fund is designed to support the activities that contribute to the overall objectives of the Global Justice and Global Development Academies. These objectives are to provide:

  • A multi- and inter-disciplinary exploration of key global challenges and pathways for achieving justice and/or development.
  • A hub for people, centres and networks addressing issues of global justice and development across the University.
  • An intellectual meeting place regarding new ideas for a more just world, with the central mission of creating a space where both practical and critical ideas can be generated, deliberated, and applied.
  • Increased exchange and partnership with those engaged in justice and international development issues locally and globally beyond the University.

Indicative examples of the types of activities that we expect to support include, but are not limited to: roundtables, workshops, hackathons, exhibitions and creative events, and other avenues for knowledge exchange.

All funded initiatives will acknowledge the support of the GJA and GDA, and provide a short report on the activity for dissemination via the Global Academies websites and blog.

How to Apply

Click here to download the 2016-17 GJA-GDA IIF Application Forms

Completed forms and any enquiries should be emailed to