Transforming the Debate about livestock systems transformation (TRADE)

Feeding the Future - Glastonbury

Our team took part in Glastonbury 2024, running a stall in the Futurarium tent and performing on the Laboratory stage, exploring the complexities of food systems.

Feeding the Future stall

Glastonbury Stall

26 - 30 June 2024, Futurarium tent, Science Futures area

Curious about the impacts of the food you eat? Wondering how a future food system can sustainably feed the global population without harming the planet? Is there a sustainable role for livestock in British agriculture and diets? Our stall – Feeding the Future – explores answers to these questions and delves into the complex world of food sustainability and healthy diets!

Engage in interactive games and make strategic choices as you navigate the trade-offs of sustainable food systems. Test your knowledge and challenge your friends with our health and sustainability food Top Trumps-inspired game! Explore alternative futures and have your say at the food futures voting station. Discover more about our initiatives and learn how you can contribute to shaping a healthier future.

See the resources from our stall below, or get in touch if you would like anything specific:

Foodopoly on stage

Glastonbury Laboratory Stage Performance

Foodopoly on stage

Foodopoly: A Game in Global Food Sustainability

28 June 2024, 16:00  -16.45, Laboratory Stage, Science Futures area

An immersive stage performance awaits, where you will become an active player in a larger-than-life board game that mirrors the intricacies of the global food system.    You will not just be a spectator but the protagonist in a compelling story of collaboration, competition, and consequence. Get ready to step into the shoes of different players in the food world, like farmers, consumers, and food companies. Together, you will embark on a journey to navigate complex challenges such as undernutrition, greenhouse gas emissions, and biodiversity conservation. While striving to maximise your own goals, you will have to work together to navigate unexpected events and avoid causing catastrophic harm to the environment.  

Can you make choices that provide healthy food for everyone without destroying the planet?



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Meet the Glastonbury Team

Photo of Kirsty Blair

Kirsty Blair

PhD candidate, School of GeoSciences and the Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Systems


Kirsty's research focuses on how framing influences transformative pathways within the livestock sector. She explores various topics including worldviews, values, and perspectives towards the future of livestock, trends in sustainable livestock literature, and the framing of livestock narratives in media and social media.

Academic profile



Photo of Prof Peter Alexander

Prof Peter Alexander 

Professor, School of GeoSciences and the Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Systems


Peter's work focuses on the social, economic, and ecological interactions within global food and land use systems, utilising advanced computational techniques such as agent-based modelling. He explores how climate change, international trade, and dietary choices impact these systems, examining the ripple effects of actions in one area affecting others and the role of trade in managing vulnerabilities to various shocks. Academic profile
Photo of Dr Jay Burns

Dr Jay Burns

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, the Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Systems


Jay has broad interests in food systems research, particularly livestock production, employing methodologies like simulation-based modelling, econometrics, and carbon footprinting. His work focuses on the resilience of dairy cattle under future climate scenarios, examining consumer perspectives on post-Brexit agricultural policy, and assessing climate impacts on UK beef production using life-cycle assessment models.

Academic profile

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