Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Systems

Our Staff

Information on the management, teaching, research, and administrative staff based at the Academy.

Name Role
Dr Peter Alexander Senior Lecturer in Global Food Security
Prof. Liz Baggs Deputy Director of the Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Systems, and Chair of Food and Environmental Security
Prof. Lisa Boden Chair of Population Medicine and Veterinary Public Health Policy
Dr Fiona Borthwick Programme Director for MSc in Global Food Security and Nutrition
Dr Rafael De Oliveira Silva Chancellor’s Fellow
Prof. Alan Duncan Visiting Professor of Livestock & Development
Emma Durie Administrative Assistant
Dr Alfy Gathorne-Hardy Interdisciplinary Lecturer in Sustainable Resource Use
Lyndsey Hayes Centre Administrator
Prof. Jonathan Hillier Chair of Mathematical Modelling & Global Food Systems
Prof. Lindsay Jaacks Personal Chair of Global Health and Nutrition
Dr Benjamin Jackson Technical Specialist
Dr Rowan Jackson Lecturer in Planetary Health and Food Systems
Dr Susan Jarvis Senior Lecturer in Animal Science and BSc Programme Director
Gordon Littlejohn Programme Administrator
Prof. Geraldine McNeill Visiting Professor of Global Nutrition and Health
Vera Mkenda Teaching Fellow
Prof. Dominic Moran Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics
Pau Navarro Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Genetics
Cynthia Naydani Planetary Health / One Health Teaching Fellow
Judith Okoth Lecturer in Nutrition and Food System
Alison Patton Administrative Assistant
Dr Kirsteen Shields Senior Lecturer in International Law and Food Security
Professor Geoff Simm Director of the Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Systems, and Chair of Global Agriculture and Food Security
Dr Steph Smith Teaching Fellow
Prof. Joyce Tait Founding Director of the Innogen Centre/Institute
Dr Smaragda Tsairidou Teaching Fellow
Dr Darren Watt Business Manager