Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security


Research projects from the Global Academy.


Funder Title/Weblinks Lead Academy Researcher
UKRI (MRC) BLOOM Dr. Lindsay Jaacks (Principal Investigator)
UKRI (GCRF-BBSRC) LegumeSELECT: Science-driven Evaluation of LEgume Choice for Transformed livelihoods Prof. Liz Baggs (Principal Investigator)
UKRI (ESRC) DOSA - Diagnostics for One Health and User Driven Solutions for AMR Prof. Dominic Moran (Co-Investigator)
UKRI (ESRC) Chicken or Egg: Drivers for Antimicrobial Resistance in Poultry in India (DARPI) Prof. Dominic Moran (Co-Investigator)
UKRI (ESRC) Does AMR in livestock contribute to AMR in people in NE India? An interdisciplinary study Prof. Dominic Moran (Co-Investigator)
UKRI (BBSRC) Environmental and Economic Impacts of Improved Antibiotics Stewardship in Poultry Systems Prof. Dominic Moran (Principal Investigator)
NERC Towards environmental reconciliation in Páramo land in Boyacá: resolving ecosystem trade-offs in post-conflict spaces Prof. Dominic Moran (Co-Investigator)
NERC How does the Paramo capture and store water? The role of plants and people Prof. Dominic Moran (Principal Investigator)
UKRI (BBSRC) Developing a conceptual framework to improve understanding of AMR in livestock systems: translating research into policy and practice Prof. Dominic Moran (Co-Investigator)
NERC Cocoa; future yields across West Africa Dr Jon Hillier (Co-Investigator)
NERC International: Integrating globally-recognised sustainability metrics for tropical perennial crops in a one-stop shop Cool Farm Tool Dr Jon Hillier (Principal Investigator)
NERC Soils Research to deliver Greenhouse Gas REmovals and Abatement Technologies (Soils-R-GGREAT) Dr Jon Hillier (Co-Investigator)
Scottish Government EPIC Centre of Expertise on Animal Disease Outbreaks Prof Lisa Boden (Deputy Director)
Scottish Funding Council Food Security in Fragile and Conflict Affected States Prof Lisa Boden