Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security

Agri-Food Systems Innovation

Transformation of global agri-food systems is central to achieving food and environmental security. We investigate and promote innovation in complex food-supply systems – including appropriate new technologies - to deliver sustainable, healthy diets, to drive the transformation towards resilient, fair and sustainable food systems, and to support growth in the wider bio-economy.

Our interests include: novel farming systems; understanding the role of livestock-derived foods in sustainable, healthy diets; optimizing use of animal genetic resources and feed resources to develop sustainable livestock systems; soil, crop and livestock management for sustainable intensification; precision agriculture; and agri-business models that support fair value distribution along supply chains.

We welcome applicants for PhD studies in any of these areas, as well as discussions for research collaboration.

Please contact individual researchers for research collaboration.  For more information on PhD admissions email

Staff Profiles Research Interests

Dr Peter Alexander

Land use systems, complex systems modelling
Prof. Liz Baggs

Soil biogeochemistry, plant-soil-microbe interactions, sustainable agricultural production, research into development

Dr Lisa Boden

Veterinary public health, population medicine, medical law and ethics, animal disease outbreaks, disease risk assessment, contingency planning, policy advice

Dr Fiona Borthwick

Environmental science, policy interaction, environmental management and impact, food security, sustainable agriculture, network analysis, behaviour change

Prof. Alan Duncan

Livestock nutrition, livestock systems, international development

Dr Alfy Gathorne-Hardy

Ecology, biodiversity, environmental and societal trades-offs, sustainable development

Dr Jonathan Hillier Mathematics, crop and pest modelling, environmental impacts, natural resource availability, biodiversity, decision support tools
Dr Susan Jarvis

Animal behaviour and welfare

Prof. Geraldine McNeill

Human nutrition, obesity, dietary assessment, nutrition epidemiology

Prof. Dominic Moran Agricultural and resource economics, environmental management, climate change, food supply chains, antimicrobial resistance
Dr Raf de Oliveira Silva Applied and computational mathematics, sustainable intensification, livestock production systems, integrated crop-livestock systems
Prof. Geoff Simm Animal breeding, animal genetic improvement, programme management, sustainable agricultural production, research into policy
Dr Kirsteen Shields

Human rights law, land reform, corporate compliance, ethical trade systems

Prof. Joyce Tait Science in innovation, risk governance, academic-industry linkages, science into society, science evaluation, sustainable development

Research Fellows


Dr Kate Buckeridge


Dr Ben Jackson


Dr Lumbani Mwafulirwa