Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security


Our interdisciplinary research focusses on three key themes. These are ‘Agri-Food Systems Innovation’, ‘Food, People, Planet’ and ‘Data-Driven Innovation'.

As a research-intensive institution, The University of Edinburgh is committed to research that is pioneering in terms of its originality and distinctiveness, significance and rigour. Through our research and its impact, we are producing transformative solutions to the multidisciplinary global challenges of today and the future. Our research is changing the world, making lives healthier, safer, more resilient and more fulfilled. Our vision is to inspire today’s brightest researchers to make a major impact on global society, and to become the leaders of tomorrow in Agriculture Science and Food Security.

Our collective strength is in applying systems thinking and data skills to investigate challenges and opportunities in agriculture, food and environmental security. We are uniquely placed, with skillsets and partnerships that arch across agri-food supply chains and beyond, in both the Global North and South. Our research, which underpins our teaching, is in three interconnected themes:

Research themes diagram

Agri-Food Systems Innovation

Transformation of global agri-food systems is central to achieving food and environmental security. We investigate and promote innovation in complex food-supply systems – including appropriate new technologies - to deliver sustainable, healthy diets, to drive the transformation towards resilient, fair and sustainable food systems, and to support growth in the wider bio-economy.

Food, People, Planet

Human health and wellbeing are inextricably linked with animal, crop, soil and environmental health. Our agri-food systems are putting an increasing burden on the environment and affecting ‘planetary health’. We investigate agri-food system innovations most likely to improve human health and wellbeing and wider planetary health.

Data-Driven Innovation

Advances in data science, communication-, sensor- and earth observation-technologies are driving a ‘fourth revolution’ in agriculture. Data-Driven Innovation is a cross-cutting theme, supporting our work in the Agri-Food Systems Innovation and Food, People, Planet themes.

Postgraduate Research Admissions

Feeding the world’s growing population well - while protecting the natural systems on which we all depend - is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity.

 Global Academy projects

Funder Title/Weblinks Lead Academy Researcher
UKRI (GCRF-BBSRC) Exploiting the potential of genotype microbiome interactions to promote sustainable soil health in southern Africa Prof. Liz Baggs (Principal Investigator)
UKRI (GCRF-BBSRC) LegumeSELECT: Science-driven Evaluation of LEgume Choice for Transformed livelihoods Prof. Liz Baggs (Principal Investigator)
UKRI (BBSRC) Resistance: Understanding the impact of management agreements on reducing evolution of resistance in agriculture - sea lice management as an exemplar Dr Jessica Enright (Principal Investigator)
UKRI (ESRC) DOSA - Diagnostics for One Health and User Driven Solutions for AMR Prof. Dominic Moran (Co-Investigator)
UKRI (ESRC) Chicken or Egg: Drivers for Antimicrobial Resistance in Poultry in India (DARPI) Prof. Dominic Moran (Co-Investigator)