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Novel approaches support future food systems

Developments in circular food production systems could aid efforts to meet UN Sustainable Development Goals, says Dr Simon Fraval.

Parasite insight could curb infections and limit waste

Man with cattle on an unpaved road surrounded by trees.
Connecting food safety and efficiency – Matthys Uys, MSc Food Safety student, shows how the fight against a worm can reduce waste where it is most needed.

Make a difference by going Planetary with your diet

Julian Mashingaidze and The Food Revolution team invite students to take up a challenge of eating healthily while doing good for the environment.

The Food Security and Sustainability Society, one year on

Julian Mashingaidze, undergraduate student and President of the University’s student society on food security, reflects on the many achievements of its inaugural year.

Appetite for lab grown meat in spotlight at event

Alice Ritchie, MSc in Global Food Security and Nutrition student, considers the viewpoints raised in a Green Alliance panel discussion on lab-grown meat.

Crowd-sourced data shows what livestock eat

A tool to help farmers make better decisions about what to feed their livestock has generated a wealth of open-access data.

Red and processed meat intake high across North America

Consumption in US, Canada and Mexico exceeds recommended daily limits, figures show.

Food security and taste drive food choices in Malawi

Food security and taste preferences are important factors behind food choice in Malawian women.

Guilty pleasures: eating the dirty burger

Better product sustainability information can nudge consumers to enjoy meat with a clean conscience, says Professor Dominic Moran.

Paths to progress in curbing climate change impact from farming

Professor Geoff Simm reflects on his role in Farming for 1.5C, an independent inquiry seeking consensus on how Scottish agriculture can help to limit global warming.

Why raising cattle isn’t the whole story of deforestation

Rising numbers of fires in the Amazon are often linked with deforestation for agricultural grazing, but the reality is more complex, explains Dr Rafael De Oliveira Silva.

Food banking in the United States during Covid-19

David Robinson, a MSc Global Food Security and Nutrition Programme student, shares his experiences of food banking in the United States during the Covid-19 pandemic.

MSc in Global Food Security and Nutrition Student Blog

Two of our Richard Davidson scholarship students share the impact being part of this programme has had on them and their work.

Global study lends insights into uptake of effective infant diarrhoea therapy

Taddese Zerfu discusses findings that show an urgent need to continue increasing coverage of oral hydration solution for infants in low- and middle-income areas.

Global Challenges – the role of Education

Many of the contributions to tackling the global challenges we face will come from young people yet to join the workforce. Higher and further education courses locally and globally need to attract, excite, and equip them with the skills and confidence to make these contributions.

Inside the box: an analysis of the UK’s emergency food distribution scheme

The government roll-out of emergency food parcels to those who are unable to access groceries highlights cracks in our food system and raises questions about what we need from it in the future, argue Geraldine McNeill, Liz Dowler and Kirsteen Shields.

De-globalising in response to Covid-19 risks increasing vulnerabilities of the food system to future shocks

Covid-19 has increased the focus on food system resilience to provide the food we consume.

Food narratives in a time of crisis: implications for risk perception and responsibility for food security

Changes in UK consumer food behaviours during the COVID-19 pandemic have been widely reported in traditional and social media.

The Global Report on Food Crises with a focus on Covid-19: A Summary

The 2020 edition of the Global Food Crises Report warns of the risk of food security crises within the Covid crisis.

Modelling for Pandemic Preparedness: A Need for a One Health Approach

Professor Lisa Boden, Senior Lecturer in Population Medicine & Animal Health Policy and Deputy Director of EPIC