Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security

Staff/Student Journal Club

Journal club listings for staff and students of the Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security and related schools.

23 September  2.30-3.30pm Dr. Celine Bonnet, Director of Research at Institut national de la recherche pour l'agriculture et l'environnement (INRAE) within the Toulouse School of Economics (TSE-R), will join us to discuss her paper, “Viewpoint: Regulating meat consumption to improve health, the environment and animal welfare,” recently published in Food Policy
7 October  2-3pm

Dr. Kirsteen Shields, Lecturer in International Law and Food Security, paper TBD

21 October  2-3pm

Dr. Paolo Agnolucci, Associate Professor, Bartlett School Env, Energy & Resources at University College London, will join us to discuss his paper, “Impacts of rising temperatures and farm management practices on global yields of 18 crops,” recently published in Nature Food, co-authored by Dr. Peter Alexander of GAAFS

4 November  2-3pm

Dr Rafael De Oliveira Silva, Chancellor’s Fellow, GAAFS, “Fire, deforestation, and livestock: when the smoke clears,” recently published in Land Use Policy

18 November  2-3pm Dr. Arindam Samaddar, International Rice Research Institute, “Capturing diversity and cultural drivers of food choice in eastern India,” recently published in the International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science
2 December  2-3pm

Yanik Nyberg from Seawater Solutions will be presenting an overview of their work followed by a discussion of potential academic research partnerships

16 December  2-3pm Prof. Dominic Moran, Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics, GAAFS,  will discuss the paper, “Food politics and development” by Melissa Leach et al., published in World Development
13 January 2-3pm

Dr Taddese Zerfu, Train@Ed Fellow, GAAFS, will discuss his work in progress, “The effect(s) of livestock farming on the nutritional and health status of children and women in low and middle-income settings”

27 January 2-3pm  Prof. Rosa Maria Poch discussing her paper “Soil: the Great Connector of Our Lives Now and Beyond COVID-19.”
10 February 2-3pm Dr. Lindsay Jaacks, Chancellor’s Fellow, GAAFS, “Association of prenatal pesticide exposures with adverse pregnancy outcomes and stunting in rural Bangladesh,” published in Environment International
24 February 2-3pm

Pietro Barbieri will discuss his conference paper, "Could N availability limit organic farming expansion at the global scale?"

10 March 2-3pm

Dr. Stephen Mackenzie, Research Fellow in AMR in Poultry Supply Chains, will discuss his paper, “Changes in the environmental impacts of pig production systems in Great Britain over the last 18 years"

24 March 1-2pm

Discussion session on “United Kingdom’s fruit and vegetable supply is increasingly dependent on imports from climate-vulnerable producing countries,” published in Nature Food by Pauline Scheelbeek, Cami Moss, Thomas Kastner, Carmelia Alae-Carew, Stephanie Jarmul, Rosemary Green, Anna Taylor, Andy Haines & Alan Dangour.

21 April 2-3pm

Dr Ann-Christin Zuntz, Lecturer in Anthropology of Development, and Mackenzie Klema, Research Assistant (Displacement And Modern Slavery), will discuss their work-in-progress paper exploring hospitality and food security using remote ethnographic research.

5 May 2-3pm

We will discuss the pre-print, “How One Pandemic Led To Another: Asfv, the Disruption Contributing To Sars-Cov-2 Emergence in Wuhan,” by Wei Xia, Joseph Hughes, David Robertson, and Xiowei Jiang.

19 May 2-3pm

Prof. Joyce Tait, Co-Director Innogen Institute, University of Edinburgh, will present her paper, “Responsible Innovation: its role in an era of technological and regulatory transformation,” published in Engineering Biology


The Journal Club will take a break over the summer months.

Watch out here for more details when it resumes again in September 2021. 

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