Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security

Why Study Agricultural Science?

There is a shortage of highly skilled leaders in sustainable farming practice, so the University of Edinburgh has launched a portfolio of Agricultural Science degree programmes to help the next generation deliver the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

A BSc (Hons) in Agricultural Science or Agricultural Economics from the University of Edinburgh will equip you with the skills and knowledge required for a variety of rewarding career paths across the globe.

There is a shortage of highly-skilled leaders in sustainable farming practice, but the applications of a degree in agricultural science are broader than leadership.

Throughout your programme, you will have the opportunity to study a complex variety of subjects which combine to create a 360° view of the issues and developments in agriculture and food security. Our interdisciplinary focus will enable you to create your own path, selecting options to suit your interests and needs. 

Our world-leading staff, whose careers span agriculture, law, policy, farming practice, mathematics, economics and more, will be on hand to offer you guidance on your learning journey and career development.

Watch this short video to find out how Agricultural Science and our graduates will help shape the landscapes of tomorrow. 



The University of Edinburgh is looking at the question of how do you feed 11 billion people?  And how do we do it whilst reducing the impact on the earth’s natural systems?

This is the challenge Humanity will be faced with by the end of this century.

No easy task.

Food production systems are under threat. Increased wealth means more people than ever are eating resource intensive meat products and global political instability poses a serious risk to food supply lines.

So what happens if we don’t act now?

Famine, inequality, increased animal welfare concerns, deforestation, a general decline in human health and climate chaos.

A future nobody wants.

That’s why we need agricultural scientists to help change our trajectory. We have the potential to be the first generation in millennia to leave the planet in a healthier condition than we found it.

Combining the study of plants and animals with the study of human behaviour, Agricultural science aims to optimise food production whilst minimising waste.

The future of farming will shape the future of the planet, and that’s why we need highly skilled leaders in agriculture who can influence government policies of tomorrow.

And here’s the good news.

In 2015 United Nations member countries adopted a set of goals to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for everyone.  Nations across the world have agreed to work towards specific goals, so it’s not just their problem.  It’s ours.  To reach these aims, everyone needs to play their part: governments, businesses, society and even you.

So how do you feed 11 billion people?

 Well, if you’re studying any of these subjects, why don’t you join us, to help find the answer to one of the most pressing  and complex challenges the world faces.

The Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security degree programs are highly interdisciplinary; combining a range of subjects with real life work experience, ensuring our graduates are equipped with the skills to become international leaders in sustainable farming practices and shape the landscapes of tomorrow.

Rise to the challenge and become part of a better future with the University of Edinburgh.