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Programme Information

The BSc (Hons) Agricultural Economics programme is delivered by the University of Edinburgh and our teaching partner Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC).

Important message

The Covid-19 pandemic is creating uncertainty for everyone, but we are committed to offering a high-quality experience to all our students.

We have tried to minimise the impact of Covid-19 on the experience we offer all of our students, but we have reluctantly decided to close this degree for 2020 entry. 

We are offering a similar programme of study in Global Agriculture and Food Security.

Further information


Information contained within these pages relates to academic session 2019/20, but is a good reflection of the course content. Academic session 2020/21 content is due to be published by the beginning of May 2020.

This programme applies economic principles to critical topics for developing international agri-food systems.  Students develop analytical skills in production and consumption economics, the evaluation of trade and government intervention, advanced modelling and econometrics and apply them to a range of issues relevant to production and consumption of food.

The focus on quantitative training and on both developed and developing countries provide a perfect grounding for individuals wishing to work for international and national agencies, including the FAO and OECD, but also provides opportunities for working within agri-food and related industries or provide a platform for further study at post-graduate level.

Career Options

Agricultural Economists are employed in a wide range of roles, including:

  • Economists
  • Policy Advisors for government departments, banks, NGOs (non-governmental organisations), charities, industry bodies
  • Farm and/or Agri-Business Consultants
  • Marketing Managers in the global Agri-Food sector
  • Food Supply Chain Managers for retailers
  • Researchers in Industry or Academia
  • Teachers

Follow the link to find examples of job opportunities within this area:

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