Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security

Undergraduate Programmes

Students develop skills in science, business, technology to optimise economic, environmental and societal requirements of food production systems. Our undergraduate degrees offer four specialism pathways and apply life, social and natural sciences in a real world context.

BSc (Hons) Agricultural Economics

This programme applies economic principles to the critical topic of developing international agri-food systems.

BSc (Hons) Agricultural Science - Animal Science

This programme encourages students to think beyond animal production and considers global trends in livestock production and sustainable ways to meet changing demands.

BSc (Hons) Agricultural Science - Crop and Soil Science

With a focus on applied science and the need for tailored solutions, this programme covers the scientific principles of crop and soil management that underpin the development of sustainable and resilient production systems.

BSc (Hons) Agricultural Science - Global Agriculture and Food Security

This programme crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries to prepare graduates to address the exciting challenge of achieving sustainable food security in the 21st century.