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Student Testimonials

Read what our students have to say about their experience of studying with us.

Matthys Uys

Matthew Uys - MSc in Food Safety

As a recently qualified veterinarian working in the public health industry, I quickly noticed myself asking more and more questions that my undergraduate degree could not provide all the answers to.  Not only were there times where I felt ill-equipped for some of the challenges I faced in this vast industry, but I also had the desire to unlock greater career opportunities in the future going forward. These are some of the factors that lead me to discover the MSc in Food Safety offered by the University of Edinburgh.  Living and working full time in South Africa, I was initially sceptical as to the practical aspects, including how the course will be presented and possible time constraints. Even though there have been some challenging days, the manner in which the course is designed and the support from the academic staff have been second to none. Concepts such as statistics, which I found intimidating in a full-time undergraduate environment, were made accessible and understandable in this course.

The MSc in Food Safety offered by the University of Edinburgh has enriched my perspective on food and the food industry in a remarkable way. In a world where knowledge is expanding at a rapid pace, especially when it comes to a sector that is specialised and complex, I have found this masters degree to be invaluable. Not only does it provide a solid base of knowledge, but it addresses wider relevant and current issues such as antimicrobial resistance, chemical residues and animal welfare in food production. I fully intend to complete this postgraduate degree over the next two years, and I am excited to extend my knowledge and deepen my perspective even further.

I would recommend this to any individual with an interest in food safety and a curious mind. Whether you have been in the field for some time and would like to know more, or whether you intend to change the course of your career entirely, this degree will guide you in that prospect.


David - MSc in Global Food Security and Nutrition (Online)

As a trained chef and culinary instructor, I have always tried to get the ‘best’ food for the customers but did not fully appreciate what happens beyond the restaurant.  This programme provides a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of food security and explores the delicate interrelationships between food systems, the impact of our eating habits and the drivers of food policies.

If you have questioned the food beyond your plate and wanted to know more about biodynamic farming, climate change, food policy and innovative technology that could support smart city development, this programme will help answer those questions.

The professors from different areas of expertise offer insight and help you to analyse information so you can create an informed opinion.  The content is pertinent to what is happening in the world today and assignments are varied and relevant.  Throughout my experience, I have found the support from the university to be nothing short of excellent.