Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security

Career Options

A postgraduate qualification from the Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security will equip you with the skills and knowledge required for a variety of rewarding career paths

This includes careers such as: 

  • Farm and/or Agri-Business Consultants
  • Food producers, from traditional farmer to innovative food producers
  • Food Supply Chain Managers for retailers
  • Work in groups aiming to drive change, such as United Nations, Government departments or charities
  • Managers of multinational companies
  • Marketing Managers in the global agri-food sector
  • Policy Advisors for government departments, banks, NGOs (non-governmental organisations), charities, industry bodies
  • Work in groups aiming to drive change, such as United Nations, Government departments or charities
  • Research Project Managers
  • Researchers in Industry or Academia
  • Teachers
  • Technical Advisors in animal feed, breeding and health industries
  • Work in sustainable supply chain auditing bodies such as certification bodies

I spent the first half of my career as a research scientist at the Macaulay Institute studying feeding behaviour of sheep, then I moved to Ethiopia and worked for the International Livestock Research Institute on smallholder livestock production. This jobtook me all over Africa and Asia meeting with all sorts of people ranging from small-scale dairy farmers in India to government ministers in Tanzania.

The contrasting agricultural research issues in Europe and Africa are fascinating and I enjoy spanning both those worlds!

Prof. Alan DuncanProfessor of Livestock & Development

I started my career as a pure ecologist, but rapidly shifted to agricultural ecology due to the domineering role of agriculture on the local and global environment. But looking at just the physical aspects of food systems is not enough to understand why different behaviours are occurring– or how to make changes to different behaviours. Consequently, I now spend time engaging in the multiple synergies and trade-offs between the social, ecological and economic aspects of the food system in both Europe and India.

Prior to moving to Edinburgh I was Research Director of the Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development, and in addition to academia I have worked in consultancy, as a committee specialist for the UK Parliament, and run an oyster research group in Ireland.

Dr Alfy Gathorne-HardyProgramme Director

I bring a variety of perspectives to my teaching and research with a background that includes investment banking, mechanical engineering and running a livestock farm. I returned to academia to complete my PhD in 2014 and continue to research interactions within global food and land-use systems, combining social, economic and environmental aspects.

Dr Peter AlexanderInterdisciplinary Lecturer in Global Food Security