Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security


The vision and mission of the Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security

Our Vision is: Sustainable development in global agriculture and rural land-based and aquatic economies.

Our Mission is: To provide world-leading research, innovation, education, training and consulting, in support of global food and environmental security, sustainable rural development, and animal and human wellbeing.

Achieving this through:

  • Interdisciplinary teaching programmes intended to bridge theory, policy and practice.
  • Research that develops and translates scientific advances into policy and practice.
  • Partnerships across academia, commerce, government, civil society and local communities to form equitable relationships across the global North and South.
  • Communities of practice that advance interdisciplinary collaboration and understanding.
  • Novel teaching and research activities and approaches, through open, cross and trans-disciplinary partnerships across our Schools and Colleges and with partner institutes.

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Key themes

These themes will be underpinned by informatics, data science and modelling capability, which will be applied from gene to global scales.

New appointments

Dried foods in plastic bags
In 2017 we will make new academic appointments to deliver world-class interdisciplinary research and education programmes from the Academy.