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Latest updates on our campaign to save Charles Lyell's notebooks from export.

New blog - 'Through Lyell's Eyes'

Through Lyell's Eyes blog masthead
David McClay, Philanthropy Manager, Library & University Collections, has written a post on the imminent arrival of Lyell’s 294 notebooks for the new Through Lyell's Eyes blog.

Nationally significant works by Darwin’s mentor secured

Some of Lyell's notebooks next to the NMHF logo
Remarkable notebooks belonging to a scientist admired by Charles Darwin are to join the University of Edinburgh’s collections, following a successful campaign.

Celebrating our first 1,000 online pledges

Info graphic: 75% of online pledges are based in the UK whole 25% are overseas.
We welcomed our 1,000th online pledger on 3 August. Discover how global support for the Save Lyell notebooks campaign is shaping up.

Press release - Appeal aims to save works by Darwin’s mentor and inspiration (19 July 2019)

Scan of a page in Lyell's notebook mentioning Darwin
​​​​​​​A campaign to save the notebooks of an influential scientist admired by Charles Darwin has been launched.

Past event - Aspects of the History of Geology in Scotland and the North of England (11-12 July 2019)

Calton Hill
Join the History of Geology Group of the Geological Society of London and the Edinburgh Geological Society for an open meeting on 11 July 2019 in Edinburgh, followed by option field visits on 12 July.

Past event - Saving Charles Lyell’s notebooks: Foundations of the Earth Sciences

Collection of Lyell's notebooks
Join us on 14 June 2019 for a lively discussion on the importance of the pioneering Victorian geologist Charles Lyell and his notebooks. This free event will be followed by a reception.

Press release from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (16 April 2019)

Lyell notebook drawing
Sir Charles Lyell’s notebooks at risk of export unless a buyer can be found to match the £1.4 million asking price.