Your legacy can change lives

A simple gift in your will can help transform lives for generations to come.

At the University of Edinburgh, we are providing students from all backgrounds with the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge to advance their own lives and make a positive impact on society.

We are carrying out world-leading research to help us find answers to some of the world’s toughest challenges, from climate change to global health.

We are teaching future generations of medics, teachers, artists, law-makers, thinkers, leaders and innovators.

What your gift supports

Help us make a difference

A simple gift in your will can support our work. You can choose to leave a share of your estate, a gift of money or a gift of land, buildings or personal property, such as books, jewellery or art.

However you choose to give, your legacy can make a difference. Legacies have helped to:

  • support world-leading research 
  • improve our facilities
  • support scholarships
  • enhance our collections for teaching and research

Leave a gift in your will