Fundraise Your Way

Roger Chen

Roger baked science themed cookies to support Parkinson's disease research.

Name Roger Chen                                                                                                      
Cause fundraised for

Parkinson's disease research at the Anne Rowling Clinic

Method of fundraising Bake Sale                                                     

Why did you decide to fundraise for your chosen cause?

I had some spare time and wanted to use it wisely – after a bit of thought, I decided that it would be good to use this time to raise some money for a good cause. Sadly, my grandfather died to Parkinson’s disease – I would have loved to have spent more time with him before he left. I raised money in aid of Parkinson’s disease research in honour of my grandfather. I hope that one day, through research, people can live in a world without having to carry the burden of this awful disease.

How did you raise money?

I chose to run a bake sale because I like to cook and bake in my spare time. I made sugar cookies decorated with scientific designs on them. My mum helped me a lot to get a hold of the cookie molds and set up the stall on the day. It all went pretty smoothly; the designs were a little more faded than I would have hoped, but it didn’t really make too much of a difference in the end. Doing this made me feel pretty good as I felt that it was a better use of my free time than just mindlessly scrolling through TikTok.

Fundraising wisdom

My advice to other fundraisers would be just to not worry about the small details. Maybe you think what you made won’t sell, does it really matter? As long as you have put in effort and time in the end as long as you have enjoyed the process that is all that matters.

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