Fundraise Your Way

Nathan MacInnes

Running for joy and health, while fundraising to support the Dick Vet Oncology Team.

Name Nathan MacInnes                                                                                                            
Cause fundraised for

Oncology Team, The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies

Method of fundraising Glasgow Half Marathon                                                                   
Nathan holding Conan

Why did you decide to fundraise for your chosen cause?

In August 2022 our Tibetan Terrier, Conon, was diagnosed with the blood cancer lymphoma. Conon received chemotherapy treatment until December which included weekly visits to The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, Hospital for Small Animals and went into remission until July 2023. Since then he continued to receive the most appropriate care to stall the disease, with the priority always being his quality of life. 

Conon was very anxious about attending the vet, and the Oncology Team worked with our family to provide the most individualised care plan so he could receive his treatment in the safest, least stressful way possible. The specialist research based knowledge, clinical practice and most of all, compassion was exemplary.

Conon sadly passed away recently – the Oncology Team gave us 15 more months with him following his diagnosis and for that we will always be so grateful

MacInnes Family

How did you raise money?

I decided that I would start running for my own health and well-being. As I felt the benefits of running, I decided to register for my first ever half marathon. At the same time as this, Conon was palliative on steroid therapy and was very much on my mind. The Oncology Team continued to monitor him and support our family. I decided I wanted to fundraising for the Oncology Team so they could use money for more beds / blankets that Conon received his sedation on, or research into lymphoma in dogs, or training for the staff - any way in which it helped the team and the animals they care for. 

Fundraising wisdom

I decided to set-up a JustGiving page and shared Conon’s story with my family and friends. I set my target at £250 and very quickly reached this, I increased it to £400 then £500 to keep up the momentum. I was encouraged by all the messages from those who left a donation and were really supportive of my cause. I sent updates about my progress through social media and I never expected to more than triple my original target and reach £900 and didn’t expect to run my first half marathon and reach a personal best of 1:53. 

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