Fundraise Your Way

Covid-19 Partnerships Fund

Working together for local and global impact.

Three nurses wearing blue uniforms and lanyards

We are all learning how to live through a devastating global crisis. Many of us share a desire to come together as a community to help.  

Our university community has shown resilience, determination and compassion as the crisis has unfolded. We will continue to work in partnership with others, pooling our thinking and resources to contribute to the pandemic response locally, nationally and globally.

We know many more of you want to get involved, so we have set up our Covid-19 Partnerships Fund for those who are willing and able to give. If you can contribute, whatever the amount, it will help to strengthen our efforts to learn more about the virus, save lives and support the most vulnerable in our society.

Your contribution will support our Covid-19 research activity, PPE production and distribution and contribute to our grants scheme for vulnerable communities

Covid-19 Partnerships Fund