Fundraise Your Way

Swishing party

Add a spark of joy to your fundraising by hosting a Swishing party - an environmentally sound way to raise money whilst socialising with your loved ones.

Marie Kondo, also known as Konmari, has inspired people around the world to look through their wardrobes and closets, with the view of only possessing items that bring joy.

Why not turn your Konmari session into a fantastic fundraising opportunity by holding a Swishing party...

A swishing (or clothes-swapping) party is a fun way for your family, friends and colleagues to freshen up their wardrobes whilst raising money for your important cause.

Everyone can donate a few items of good quality clothes and accessories beforehand. If all participants make a small donation to take part, this event can raise money a worthwhile Edinburgh University project whilst encouraging sustainability at the same time!

They can be held almost anywhere and at any time of the day or evening, making them a really flexible option for you.​​​​​​

We can supply:

  • Collection cans
  • Flyers about the cause you are supporting
  • Donation forms

Just let us know what you need and we’ll be delighted to help.