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Collections and raffles

Collections and raffles are a popular way to raise money whilst raising awareness for the cause close to your heart.

Would your local shop, café, pub, or restaurant display a collection can to raise money in aid of the area you care about most? Or could you organise a collection at your local supermarket or theatre? There are a few collection opportunities listed below, but feel free to ‘think outside the box’. As with all fundraising events, we will be delighted to support your fundraising activity.


Cash collections


Contact your local supermarket to arrange a bag-packing day or bucket collection. Recruit your friends, family and colleagues to take part with you too. Bag packing will take more volunteers than a bucket collection, but you have the opportunity reach more people. Please get written permission from the owner or manager and keep it with you when collecting.

We have a stock of collection buckets that we can lend you and – depending on the area you are supporting – we may be able to supply pull-up banners and t-shirts. 


Ask your local theatre for permission to hold a bucket collection on their premises. If possible, choose a theatre showing that has a connection to the cause or is likely to be popular. Some theatres have their own collection buckets and their staff will be happy to help. If not, ask your friends, family and colleagues to go with you – as above we will be delighted to lend you secure collection buckets. Remember to get written permission from the owner or manager and keep it with you when collecting.

Public collections

To collect funds in any public place, you will need a licence from your local council. Most councils have details of how to apply for a licence on their website. It can take up to two months before your receive your licence, so plan ahead! Bear in mind that anyone collecting money in public must be over 16. Please always consider your personal security; when collecting money work in pairs and keep to well-lit and busy areas.

Visit your local council's website to see their guidelines.

Static collections

A static collection is one where your collection can is staying in one place, such as a shop counter, a business reception or in a café or pub.  You don't need a licence, but you will need written permission from the business owner or manager. Static collections can be a great, low-effort way to raise vital funds for the cause you care about the most. 

We can provide you with everything you need set up a static collection, including branded collection cans, security seals, and guidance to make sure your collection follows best practice. 


For simple raffles, charge a standard price for each ticket and draw the name of the winner before the end of your event. If you plan to run your raffle or lottery over a longer period of time, or sell tickets at more than one venue, you will need to purchase a local lottery licence from your council.

Get inspired

Natalie and Barbara 

Natalie and Barbara

Friends and colleagues Natalie and Barbara organised a raffle and bucket collection at work to support motor neurone disease research in memory of their friend.

Read Natalie and Barbara's story

The Pipe Shop

Customers of the Pipe Shop, Leith Walk, Edinburgh, have generously donated over £1,600 in aid of the Hospital for Small Animals.


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