Fundraise Your Way

What will you do?

There’s a huge selection of fundraising activities you can take part in. Whatever you chose to do, we want to make sure you have everything you need to make your fundraising as straightforward, fun and financially successful as possible.

Events and challenges

Take a look at our events and challenges and sign up today.

Bake sales

Cake bake
Bake sales are a deliciously fun way to raise money whilst socialising with friends and family.


Hanna and Patrick on their Wedding Day
Celebrations are a very special way to raise money for your chosen area of the University.

Collections and raffles

Collections are a popular way to raise money whilst raising awareness for the cause close to your heart.

Give something up

Woman refusing red wine
What are you willing to give up to raise money for the cause close to your heart?

Anything goes

Men dressed up as fruit to raise money
Are you looking to do something a bit different? Or do you already know what you want to do? ​​​​​​​Our suggestions are here to inspire , opposed to restrict, so do think outside the box!

Give something up image credit: Brian A Jackson /Getty Images

Anything goes image credit: Orbon Aliha /Getty Images

Collections and raffles image credit: Image Source /Getty Images