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Paws for a Run

The Dick Vet Running Club hosted its inaugural 5k charity run - Paws for a Run - in aid of All4Paws.

Name Paws for a Run
Cause fundraised for


Method of fundraising

5K Fun Run

Paws for a Run volunteers
Paws for a Run volunteers

Why did you decide to fundraise for your chosen cause?

As the President of the Dick Vet Running Club, I wanted to organise a fundraising event we could all be proud of – an event that would give the club a legacy - and a charity 5k event seemed the best way to do it.

All4Paws is a student led program run through the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies [R(D)SVS] that directly benefits the local community. All4Paws was an obvious choice for us to support, because as well as helping the community, it also relies on support from the community.

I was happy to lead my running club in organising an event that would benefit the charity with fundraising, whilst offering the community a fun local event to take part in.

How did you raise money?

As a running club, it made sense to host a 5k run for our first fundraising activity. I prepared for the event by researching how best to organise a charity 5k and then contacted a member of staff at the Dick Vet for advise, who put me in touch with the fundraising expert Kerry Mackay. Kerry described the power of JustGiving and it made sense to host all of our fundraising through a JustGiving campaign.

Our target audience was that of the local University complex at Easter Bush Campus, which provided a great community of invested people in both All4Paws and a local event. The 5k charity run went off smoothly. We had 42 individuals sign up for this inaugural run – a great achievement.

We had a great turn out, and at the finish line of the run, multiple people thanked me for the effort I’d put into the run and how greatly they appreciated the opportunity help All4Paws. I think everyone really enjoyed the transparency of the JustGiving site, because it allowed the runners to know that their donations were directly contributing to our fundraising for All4Paws.

I felt really good post 5k charity run. I feel I have created an event the Dick Vet Running Club and local community can replicate annually.

Fundraising wisdom

Start early! Start planning as soon as you can to give yourself plenty of time to see your work come to fruition.

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