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Louise MacGillivray

Louise was a ToughMudder in memory of her grandma.

Name Louise MacGillivray
Cause fundraised for

Centre for Dementia Prevention @ADPrevent #PreventADGlobalRun

Method of fundraising

ToughMudder Scotland 2019 Classic

Louise on the Tough Mudder Pyramid

Why did you decide to fundraise for your chosen cause?

Fifty million people around the world live with dementia, including my grandma, until very recently.

She died peacefully in a hospital bed in her care home, having endured the last ten or more years trying to cope with a horrifically mentally debilitating disease that worsened day by day. I couldn’t bear to see her so anxious and confused, she was my grandma who had cuddled me when I fell, taken my splinters out, let me dip rhubarb sticks in sugar, she was there through relationship breakups, my wedding, birth of my children. She was strong, capable, kind, non-judgemental. I was slowly losing her, she was losing herself.

I strongly believe dementia is preventable for those at risk, with early intervention before disease onset, and I want to raise awareness and money for further research to help future generations. No one wants to go through this.

How did you raise money?

I am a member of Edinburgh Bootcamp run by David and Carly Waine. They are amazingly positive and inspirational people. We get fit and have fun, pushing ourselves, but always positively encouraged. I was asked to take part in ToughMudderScotland 2019 with a team from the boot camp.

The event took place on Saturday June 15th. Left Edinburgh at 5.30am to arrive at Drumlanrig Castle in Dumfrieshire, if you know me I’m not a morning person! We started 8am. There was ice-water, nets, pipes, tubes, mud, muddy water, keeping low, climbing high, electric shocks. I couldn’t have got through it without the team, everyone was so positive, helping each other regardless of ability, no one was left behind. “You can do it” “ you’re awesome” lots of high fives and hugs (not just for body heat). Personally, I find putting my head under water a challenge, much to amusement of my children so swimming under a pipe in muddy water was hard…. and there were three pipes. It was aptly named Hydrophobia but I did it with the help of my team, I trusted them to pull me out and that got me through it. This kind of prepared me for the Arctic Enema which was a slide into ice cold water… refrigerated truck attached to ensure it stayed nice and cold. Thanks guys! The last mile was the hardest; my lips were blue and I was shivering uncontrollably from the cold and wet… and we were finally at the last obstacle. Electric shocks, “I’m not scared of this,” I thought. I am now, five or six hits, floored each time and landing in the mud. Reflection: different tactics next time. I will not just run through it.

We started and finished as a team. So many great people with great “I can” attitudes. Great lesson for life. And a lesson for me, I’m a bit competitive, ToughMudder wasn’t about that, it was about teamwork opposed to being first. I’ve still got a wee bit to go as I must admit I did try to get to each obstacle first. Sorry team.

I set up a JustGiving page for donations in aid of the Centre for Dementia Prevention and circulated the link around work and family and friends. My JustGiving page at shows that I smashed my fundraising target.

Fundraising wisdom

Just do it. If you explain to people why you’re fundraising for your charity, sharing your own personal story, it will help them relate and want to help your cause. If they see you are doing something that challenges you as an individual they will be more likely to donate. Charities need fundraising to help them make a difference, even a small amount helps. It all adds up.

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