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University of Edinburgh Law Students' Council

Law students fundraised for the Free Legal Advice Centre by holding a book sale.

Name University of Edinburgh Law Students’ Council
Cause fundraised for

Free Legal Advice Centre

Method of fundraising Book Sale

Why did you decide to fundraise for your chosen cause?

The Law Students’ Council wanted to hold a book sale after receiving a generous donation of legal textbooks and publications, but we were unsure of where the proceeds should go. As we are part of the Law School, we thought it would be best to donate the proceeds to a cause associated with law and the Free Legal Advice Centre was the perfect choice. We decided to fundraise for this worthy cause because their pro bono work is so valuable in the community, and it also provides an opportunity to broaden the learning experiences of law students. As their services include giving free advice in wide-ranging areas of the law, they rely on contributions and donations to provide this. We understand the importance of access to legal advice, and we hope the money raised will assist FLAC in providing their helpful services to those who need it most.

How did you raise money?

Having received a large number of legal books, we decided to fundraise by selling these texts to students and the public. It was really fun sorting through and pricing the interesting variety of books, with topics ranging from road traffic law to international criminal law. We publicised our event on our social media pages and had a lot of interest in the run up to the day of fundraising. On the day of the book sale, we enlisted the help of LSC representatives to assist in running the event and it was a success, with many of the books being sold. In the end, we raised a total of £111 and donated the rest of the unsold books to the Law Library so all students could have the benefit of these.

Fundraising wisdom

Fundraise for a cause you are passionate about by doing something you enjoy as it will make the fundraising effort even more special!

Free Legal Advice Centre

Free Legal Advice Centre