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John Laffey

John Laffey is making an impact on patients' lives with the support of friends, family, his employer and a decent pair of trainers.

Name John Laffey
Cause fundraised for Anne Rowling Regenerative Neurology Clinic
Method of fundraising 3 half marathons and 2 full marathons
Fundraiser John Laffey
Fundraiser John Laffey runs for research.

Why did you decide to fundraise for your chosen cause?

So last year I turned 40 with an awful lot to be thankful for, good health, supportive family and friends. Having spent the previous couple of years trying to get back in shape, I succeeded in losing nearly 6 stone and found a passion for running.  I decided to put this to good use and take on a personal challenge to fundraise on behalf of the Stoke Association and run the Great North Run 20014.  I completed this challenge raising £877.0 along the way.

Soon after my family had recently found need for the support of the Anne Rowling Clinic, when my Sister Sharon Wilde was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

This pushed me into deciding I could and should do more.  So in 2015 in my “40th” year, I set myself the challenge of completing three Half Marathons and hoping to raise £1000.00 for the Anne Rowling Clinic.  I chose the Edinburgh Half Marathon, Great North Run and Birmingham Half Marathon.  I was given the extra motivation to succeed by the support of my employer Big Yellow Self Storage Ltd, who not only continue to make very generous donations towards my goals but also made the Anne Rowling Clinic our official nominated Charity in Scotland as well as supporting the MS Society throughout many of our northern stores.

I’m pleased to say that despite a lot of ups and downs and countless injuries, with the support of friends, family and Big Yellow, the challenge was completed with some great experiences which I will keep forever and £1567.00 raised.

So how do you stay motivated after the euphoria disappears?  Well you commit to a bigger scarier challenge!!

2016 will see me attempt to complete the Paris Marathon on the 3rd of April before coming home to complete the Edinburgh Marathon 7 weeks later, with the aim of taking my Anne Rowling Clinic fundraising to £2500.00.  To date the grand total is £2207.00.

Wish me luck!!!!

How did you raise money?

The power of Facebook is a wonderful thing for fundraising.  I have shared my progress throughout my training and then from the races themselves.  I have also used traditional sponsor forms for those people and generations who prefer to donate the old fashioned way! Lastly a very generous employer Big Yellow Self Storage Ltd who have supported me throughout my journey so far.

Fundraising wisdom

Never underestimate people’s generosity or where it may come from.  Going back and asking your friends and family to donate again and again is awkward for many people and it is easy to shy away from asking for risk of offending or seeming ungrateful.  My advice would be share your passion and let people see why it means so much.  That way they will want to share your journey with you and without doubt they will surprise you!

Making an impact

"Donations from the dedicated fundraising efforts of John Laffey from the Big Yellow Storage are already making an impact on the lives of patients with MS and other neurodegenerative diseases.  The research work at the Anne Rowling Regenerative Neurology Clinic will help us to apply the latest discoveries in regenerative medicine to neurodegenerative diseases, and we are committed to discovering therapies that will slow, stop or even reverse the damage that these diseases cause. Our patients are grateful for the generous donations and have asked us to pass on their thanks to the fundraisers.  We would like to thank John for running so hard and far to raise awareness and funds for the Anne Rowling Clinic." Shuna Colville, Rowling Clinic and Research Project Manager

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