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Jennifer Thoms

Friends and family paid respects to Jennifer Thom's late mother by supporting MS stem cell research.

Name Jennifer Thoms
Cause fundraised for

MS stem cell research at the Centre for Regenerative Medicine

Method of fundraising On-line JustGiving page
The Thoms family
Jennifer (left) with her sister, father and mother Anne-Elaine.

Why did you decide to fundraise for your chosen cause?

I decided to fundraise for MS stem cell research as my mum suffered from MS and sadly passed away one and a half years ago so I wanted to do something in aid of her memory. 

My mum, Anne-Elaine Thoms, was an extremely positive person and was always optimistic about the research into degenerative conditions.  She, along with my Dad, have carried out numerous amounts of fundraising for MS over the years.  One of which was when they walked (Dad pushed Mum in the wheelchair) along the Speyside Way.  They also set up an MS support group known as the 'friendship fund' which Dad ran and Mum participated whole-heartedly in.

My mum was an inspiration to anyone who acquires a debilitating condition as she never once complained or said 'why me?' but took it in her stride and coped as best she could with a smile always on her face. 

How did you raise money?

I set up a 'just-giving' page and shared it on Facebook, which captured most of my friends but some of the elder generation I told verbally and they gave me a donation.

Everyone was very generous as most of my family and friends knew Mum and what an inspirational lady she was so they were more than happy to put money into research which may, in future, help people like her.   

Fundraising wisdom

To advertise what you are doing and the reasons why as with so many charities around these days I think it is important for people to recognise where exactly their money is going and the good it can do. 

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