Fundraise Your Way

Hanna and Patrick Hillan

Hanna and Patrick met studying neuroscience here at the University of Edinburgh and started dating in their final year. As part of their wedding registry, they asked guests to donate to the Neuroresearchers’ Fund in celebration of the wedding.


Hanna and Patrick Hillan

Cause fundraised for

Neuroresearchers’ Fund

Method of fundraising

Donations in lieu of wedding gifts

Hannah and Patrick's wedding

Why did you decide to fundraise for your chosen cause?

Patrick and I met studying Neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh. We are so passionate about the field of neuroscience and giving back to a cause that is so near to us. With the money, we hope we can support neuroscientists in breaking out of the silos of their labs to help hone their skills and broaden their opportunities and collaborations.

How did you raise money?

For us, the wedding seemed like an obvious choice. We knew people would want to support us a couple so we made it an easy option to donate online towards the cause.

Fundraising wisdom

Be excited about your cause and have a personal story you can tell. Whether it is curiosity, love or a personal connection, your story is what helps get people interested.