Fundraise Your Way

George Warren

Witnessing the impact of donations on enhancing opportunities for students led George to brave the firewalk challenge.

Name George Warren
Cause fundraised for The Edinburgh Fund – supporting student bursaries, enhanced facilities and pioneering innovation
Method of fundraising Firewalking
Group photo post-firewalk
George and fellow fundraising firewalkers

Why did you decide to fundraise for your chosen cause?

I have worked in the Development & Alumni (D&A) team at the University, in various part time roles, whilst studying as an undergraduate, for nearly 4 years. Over that time, I have seen the huge impact that the donations made to the University has for students, the wider local community and also globally. I have friends who rely on bursaries to study at this great institution, and I have been part of societies that have benefitted immensely from the grants provided by the Edinburgh Fund.

By working with the D&A team, I have also witnessed the pioneering research that is enabled by donations to the Fund, and in so doing have met some of its wonderful supporters. As such, the possibility to raise some money, in an innovative and also fun way, appealed hugely to me, in conjunction with the knowledge that everything I raised would go to the cause and would make a real difference.

How did you raise money?

The University were wonderful in helping with everything: they organised all aspects of the firewalk, helped me to set up a Just Giving page, sent me all necessary information via post and email and were always there to assuage my fears at having to actually walk on fire!

Getting friends and family to donate can be awkward, but after telling them it was for such a great cause some of them were on board – and the others quickly followed when they discovered there was a chance I could quite literally go up in flames!

The walk itself was so exhilarating, taking place next to the grand edifice of Teviot Row House, on a freezing night, the flames dancing wickedly before me and my walking peers. It was over too quickly, and I was so glad for the opportunity, and even more so given the knowledge that the money raised was going to such a great cause.

Fundraising wisdom

If an opportunity to raise money in a different and exciting way presents itself then do it. Nobody that donated for me had done a firewalk before, and they were so enthralled by the idea. I would also say that it helped when convincing people to donate.

Enjoy yourself and don’t let the concept of asking for money daunt you; everyone believes in a good cause and when you can have fun raising that money it is even better.

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