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Edinburgh Revelation Rock Gospel Choir

A student choir put on a fundraising concert to support scholarships for refugees through the Humanitarian Assistance Fund.

Name Edinburgh Revelation Rock Gospel Choir
Cause fundraised for Refugee scholarships through the Humanitarian Assistance Fund
Method of fundraising

Choir concert

Members of Edinburgh Revelation Rock Gospel Choirat a concert
Edinburgh Revelation Rock Gospel Choir members at a concert.

Why did you decide to fundraise for your chosen cause?

As a choir, we raise money for different charities each year through concerts and the members of the choir choose which charity we will support.

We became aware of the Humanitarian Fund and the work they do through performing at the University of Edinburgh Refugee Service.

At the service various people presented the different work in which they had participated to raise funding and awareness to address the current refugee crisis. We then spoke to some students who had received scholarships which enabled them to gain further education and provide opportunities that, otherwise would have been impossible.

Some of these students hoped to return to their countries of birth and help in rebuilding lives and communities there using the skills they had learned at the University of Edinburgh. Others were involved in supporting refugees in this country to adjust to the different culture and language through teaching and being involved in diverse voluntary roles.

These discussions opened our eyes to the struggles that these students had to overcome and the perseverance required of them to acquire an education in addition to their valuable contributions to society. We realised that we had the resources and means to assist this worthwhile cause and so the choir came to a collective agreement that we would fundraise for this charity at our concert.

How did you raise money?

We performed two concerts and the ticket money went to the charity as well as additional donations from the audience and choir members. This required a lot of work from the choir and committee members who organised the concert.

We would like to thank Hyphen Technical who provided the sound and lighting for the concert and Priestfield Church who are always very welcoming and allowed us to use their venue. 

Fundraising wisdom

Advertising is key! People will not be able to donate or support your event if they are not aware of the work you are doing.

We have found that using social media, flyers, posters and talking to people are all effective methods but there are lots of different options available!

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