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Edinburgh Medics Musical 2018

Fifth-year Edinburgh medical students wrote, produced and performed a musical parody of Harry Potter to raise funds for the Anne Rowling Regenerative Neurology Clinic.

Name Edinburgh Medics Musical 2018 
Cause fundraised for Anne Rowling Regenerative Neurology Clinic 
Method of fundraising

Medical Musical Parody of Harry Potter 

The student cast and crew of the Medics' Musical 2018
Credit: Rhona Christie

Why did you decide to fundraise for your chosen cause?

Our decision to fundraise for the Anne Rowling Clinic was two fold. Firstly, we felt our musical had a connection with the centre as it was a parody of Harry Potter and the clinic was founded by JK Rowling in memory of her late mother.

Secondly, many of us had spent time in the clinic on Neurology placements and seen, first hand, the incredible work done by the staff and the support given to patients living with lifelong, degenerative diseases.

How did you raise money?

The Edinburgh Medics Musical is an annual tradition where the Year 5 medical students create a medical parody of a well known story and perform it as a musical. The entire production is written, produced and performed by students in the 5th year of the Edinburgh MBChB programme, including all of the acting, singing, stage management, musical direction, script writing, technical management, choreography, set design and every aspect of a large production.

The story was chosen by a vote of those involved in May 2017 with the script and music written over the summer before auditions and rehearsals in late autumn. The show itself ran for four nights in early April 2018 and was an enormous success with four completely sold out performances.

To offset some of the costs of the production we secured sponsorship from a number of organisations including the Edinburgh Student Charities Appeal, Passmedicine, Wesleyan and ESSQ. We also received some generous donations from people who were unable to come to the show but wanted to support our fundraising. 

Fundraising wisdom

Aim high. You can never raise too much money, so if you aim big and set your sights high you will always surprise yourself. It was a huge undertaking to write, produce and perform a musical for four nights in the middle of a very busy academic year. It required a lot of work from all involved, but was a hugely rewarding experience and the donation we have been able to make to support the Anne Rowling clinic has been the icing on the cake!  

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