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Denise Cranley

Denise has run 4 Edinburgh Marathon relays for the Euan MacDonald Centre.

Name Denise Cranley
Cause fundraised for Euan MacDonald Centre for Motor Neurone Disease Research
Method of fundraising Edinburgh Marathon Relay Race
Denise Cranley
Denise has run the Edinburgh Marathon Relay 4 times for motor neurone disease research

Why did you decide to fundraise for your chosen cause?

I worked with the Euan MacDonald Centre for Motor Neurone Disease Research for about eight years, developing the centre’s aims and engaging with researchers, supporters and people with MND from around Scotland.

During this time the research centre became more than just ‘work’ for me and I was always looking for another opportunity to raise the profile of the centre and increase fundraising. The sense of determination and hope amongst the researchers along with the inspiring MacDonald family meant it was an easy decision when it came to choosing a charity to support for our first relay race back in 2013.

How did you raise money?

Following a conversation in the office with colleagues one day about getting fit and having goals, we decided to put a team together to run the Edinburgh Marathon Relay race in 2013.

Word spread and other colleagues decided to join us and we had 3 teams that first year. One of these colleagues was Jenny Durkin from the University’s Development and Alumni unit who, if memory serves me right, stepped up on the day and ran two legs for two different teams because of last minute injuries!

Jenny and I kept it going each year and in 2016 we had a record 8 teams running the relay and raising money for the Euan MacDonald Centre. We love to have a mix of runners, somebody who is doing the Couch-To-5K program or someone who runs marathons regularly. Along the way we encourage runners with training tips and injury advice and also arrange meet-ups and runs so it is quite sociable.

Without doubt, the best bit is the excitement on the day as we ensure everyone gets to their handover points, crosses their respective finish line and comes to the pub for food and drinks afterwards.

Fundraising wisdom

Do something that is fun and means a lot to you. Fundraising is hard so if you believe in the cause and believe in your event then you enjoy it more and other people sense your excitement and join in!

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