Covid-19 Partnerships Fund

Supporting students

Help students avoid financial hardship during a time of unpredictability and uncertainty.  

The Covid-19 crisis has turned many lives upside down, including those of our students.  

This year, we have seen more than 4,000 applications to our student hardship fund – more than 4 times the volume of applicants we would usually expect. 

To date we’ve been able to help, using a range of funding sources, and we are committed to continuing some level of support to those who need it most. Scottish government has also recently renewed its support. Even so, we won’t be able to meet the needs of our students entirely on our own. 

Can you partner with us in offering students support? 

Essential support 

"It’s important to remember that not everyone in the university community has come from a background where they can have access to money from family members."

Stephanie, Medicine

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A challenging time for students

Many students have lost vital part-time or summer jobs which provide an income to pay bills, rent and food while studying. Some students had to travel home urgently to reunite with families before travel restrictions were placed. This has led to abandoning belongings and rented homes, incurring unexpected costs that already tight budgets can’t accommodate.   

As the university moves to a hybrid model of face-to-face and online teaching this autumn, personal access to reliable broadband and IT devices will be a necessity. These essentials are not always affordable. Digital poverty has increasingly disadvantaged some students over the years, and the pandemic risks exacerbating that disadvantage so that these students simply can’t fully participate. 

Not everyone can rely on family support to help them in a crisis. We don’t want any of our students to be in the position of having to discontinue their education out of fear that they can’t make ends meet.  

Helping students fulfil their potential

"The funding has helped me massively and without this I feel I would have struggled financially and would have been questioning whether I would be able to complete my degree. "

Chloe, Oral Health Sciences

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Can you assist?

With your support we can make sure sufficient emergency funds are available for those students and recent graduates most in need for as long as we all grapple with this pandemic. Your support will help students from all areas, but particularly those from families and communities hardest hit by Covid-19. We will ensure that your gift is matched to students who don’t qualify for other sources of funding or who need additional support. 

The average grant is £550 but grants vary based on the circumstances of each student.  Grants provide vital support to cover costs, such as: 

  • Basic living costs and essential bills during the next academic term for students who have lost summer jobs 

  • Short-term emergency accommodation needs 

  • Essential broadband costs and other IT needs 


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To discuss how gifts at all levels could make a real difference to this initiative, please get in touch with Liz Reilly, Director of Philanthropy and Donor Relations.