Advancing knowledge

Because new discoveries can drive change.

To solve the world’s greatest challenges we need to understand them. Our research community is here to answer the questions we need to ask to make our world fairer, safer and more sustainable. Here’s a snapshot of what we’re doing and how you can support our activity.

The future of health and care

Female researcher working at a lab bench.
Find out what we’re doing to help society adapt to ever-evolving challenges and technologies in medicine and health.

One health and food security

Asian women tending to crops in a field.
Support our work to better understand the relationships between human, animal and planetary health.

Sustainable planet and societies

Icy landscape
Join us as we work together to understand more about how we can create a better world for future generations.

This digital life

Children using VR goggles.
Learn about what we're doing to understand how artificial intelligence, digital and data technologies will shape our society.

Culture and creativity

Student wearing headphones in an audio studio
Help us contribute to advances in the creative economies and support Scotland’s cultural heritage.