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At the School of GeoSciences, we study the way the world works.  

You can explore many natural and physical science subjects, including mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and geography, to understand the Earth and its development through time – as well as how to protect its future.

You can also study the world through the social sciences where you will learn about the relationships between people and their social, cultural, political and economic worlds, and our impact on the Earth.

With us, you will join one of the largest and most successful groupings of geoscientists and geographers in the UK , as we address the most compelling issues of our time.  You will also be part of  one of the top universities in the world.  The University of Edinburgh is 20th in the 2020 QS World University Rankings.

Ecological and Environmental Sciences

If you have a passion for wild places, the natural world, and the interactions between these and humans, then Ecological and Environmental Sciences is for you! Contribute to the biggest issues facing our society today: climate change, biodiversity protection, and the provision of ecosystem services.

BSc Environmental Geoscience

Understand the processes that govern the habitability of the planet and the interaction between humans and the environment, and learn through measurement, problem-solving and critical analysis of results. Our third year students gain practical experience from a field trip to a tropical marine laboratory overseas.

Geography degrees

Students on Geography Field trip to Iceland
As a natural science, Geography focuses on the environment, examining such issues as landscape formation, natural hazards and climate change, and the evolution of these processes through space and time. If you study it as a social science or humanities subject you will learn about the relationships between people and their social, cultural, political and economic worlds. Field trips are at the heart of the programme, consolidating your learning through experiencing theory in practice. Typical locations are: Iceland, Cape Town, Athens, Berlin, Snowdonia and the Scottish Highlands and Islands.

BSc and MEarthSci Geology

If you choose a Geology degree, you’ll have the chance to study fossils, volcanoes, earthquakes, mountains, minerals, landscapes, dinosaurs and work on your own mapping project. A practical degree with flexible study options for 3 years (Fast Track entry), 4 years (standard), or 5 years (integrated Masters).

BSc and MEarthSci Geology & Physical Geography

This joint degree offers you the best of both subjects integrating an understanding of the Earth, its origin, composition and structure (Geology) with insight into how rivers, glaciers and hill slopes define modern and ancient landscape at all scales (Physical Geography). Flexible study options include 3 year fast track entry.

Geophysics, Geophysics and Geology, or Geophysics and Meteorology degrees

Geophysics is the study of physical processes that occur on a huge variety of scales, from microscopic properties of minerals to forces like gravity and magnetism that act on planetary or inter-planetary scales. Study options include 3 year fast track, 4 years undergraduate, and 5 years integrated Masters.

GeoScience Outreach Course

The School of GeoSciences remains active in our community through many the 4th year undergraduate course 'GeoScience Outreach'.

Information for visiting students

Information for our 2+2 Earth Sciences students from China, and also for anyone from Europe and overseas thinking of taking part of their degree with us.

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