School of GeoSciences

Undergraduate degrees

Making a difference starts here!

Our world is facing many significant and complex challenges.  

Image of students walking through landscape
Students explore the landscape during a field trip

At the School of GeoSciences, you can help make that future better. We are renowned for our world-leading research, teaching, innovation and impact - as we strive to solve real-world problems of local, national and international relevance.   

Through our undergraduate degrees:

  • You can explore many natural and physical science subjects such as maths, physics, chemistry, biology and geography in order to understand the changes that are happening to our planet, whether that be naturally or as a direct result of the actions of people across the world.
  • You can also study the world through the social sciences to understand the relationships between people and their social, cultural, political and economic worlds, and our interactions with the Earth.

More organisations and governments are working towards sustainability and social responsibility, including the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. You can become part of this change!

With our undergraduate degrees, you will be equipped with the skills and understanding for a wide range of careers in high-demand areas.

Study with us, and join one of the largest and most successful groupings of geographers and geoscientists in the UK as we study some of the most compelling issues of our time.  You will also become part of one of the top universities in the world, with The University of Edinburgh ranked 20th in the 2021 QS World University Rankings.  


Our undergraduate programmes

Earth Sciences

You can choose from a range of Earth science degrees, including geology, geophysics, geophysics and meteorology, geology and physical geography. 

Some of our programmes have an optional fifth year of study (MEarthSci or MEarthPhys) to complete an integrated Masters, or Masters with a professional placement.

Ecological and Environmental Sciences

You can study ecological and environmental science, including a business management option.


You can study geography as a natural science known as Physical Geography (BSc), or through the social sciences and humanities known as Human Geography (MA).