School of GeoSciences

Bursaries, Awards and Prizes

This page contains links to pages which give details about bursary schemes and awards that you may wish to apply for.


Bursaries are non-repayable awards based on criteria such as income, background and personal circumstances, and in some cases geographical area.

The University and associated agencies offer a variety of bursaries to students. Details of these are available on the link below.

Awards and prizes

The School of GeoSciences offer one scholarship and three prizes to students.

Details can be found on the below link.

School of GeoSciences Awards

The University also offer a number of awards and prizes to students. All scholarships and prizes awarded at the discretion of the University and the value of many awards depends on the outcome of their endowment, which varies from year to year. Unless there is information to the contrary, no application is required.

University of Edinburgh Awards

School Class Prizes and Medals

In addition to the bursaries, awards and prizes detailed on the above links, The School of GeoSciences award programme and class prizes and medals to our top students at the end of each academic year.

A list of the prizes and medals available in each of the School's teaching areas can be found on the link below.