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In addition to our web pages, the Teaching Organisation connects with students and beyond the University via social media. You can visit our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages to keep up to date with what is happening in the TO, or read about student and staff experiences on our Teaching Organisation blog.


Visit the GeoSciences Facebook page for student blogs and updates on events.



Highlights of events and student experiences are documented on our instagram page. Visit the page by following the link below.



Keep in touch with your fellow students by joining our Linkedin School of GeoSciences group and the sub-group for your postgraduate programme.

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Visit our wordpress page to read GeoSciences student blogs about experiences and events in the School and the University.

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We currently have a number of student bloggers who are regularly contributing to our student experience blog and social media platforms. See who they are below!

Name  Programme of Study 
Steven Carrion MSc Marine Systems and Policies
Mariana Cover MSc Environment and Development 
Chris Pelz MSc Carbon Management
Joanna Koter MA Geography 
Charlie Moriarty MSc Geographical Information Science 
Tom McKenna MSc Ecological Economics
Florian Payen MSc Environmental Protection and Management
Amber Carter MSc Marine Systems and Policies 
Andrea Vergara De La Garza MA Geography with Environmental studies 
Shona Irvine  BSc Ecological and Environmental Sciences 
Chris Long  BSc Ecological and Environmental Sciences 
Jeff Justice  MSc Environment, Culture and Society 
Addie Pape  MA Geography 
Kuntum Melati  MSc Environment and Development 
Liv Sletton  BSc Environmental Geoscience 
Hannah Bischof  BSc Ecological and Environmental Sciences 
Rebecca Shannon  BSc Geography 
Honur Deak  MEarthSci Geology 
Else Arrazola MSc Soils and Sustainability 
Eleanor Knipe  MA Geography 
Sophie Amar  MSc Environmental Protection and Management