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The 2 + 2 programme

The School of GeoSciences has an agreement with several Chinese universities which allows students to study a degree for two years in China, and then transfer to the University of Edinburgh to complete a further two years of study.

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How does it work?

The 2+2 programme is a collaboration between Edinburgh University and your home university. You will complete the first two years of your undergraduate degree in one of our partner Chinese Universities.  You will then come to Edinburgh to study for two more years, joining our current students on their degree programmes in third and fourth year.

On successful completion of the fourth year at Edinburgh, you will graduate with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree awarded by The University of Edinburgh.

More information

Videos, brochures and virtual visit

Video presentation - about the 2+2 programme

View our recorded Powerpoint presentation with information about the University, the city of Edinburgh, and studying the 2+2 programme.


What do our students say?

Watch our informative videos, where our 2+2 students share their experiences studying at Edinburgh

Virtual Visit

Our interactive platform can take you on a guided tour through Edinburgh or help you explore the campus for yourself!  

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 What can I study?

Our degree programmes

For students who really wish to develop their research and analytical skills, 2+2 students can apply to study for an extra year for an integrated Masters.