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Finding a supervisor

Before applying for one of our MScR or PhD programmes, you will need to find a potential supervisor. Your supervisors will be very important people during your Postgraduate Research studies and it is really important to make sure you find someone who will be a good fit for you.

Read our staff profiles, and get in touch with staff members whose interest areas fit with your research project.

Once you have an idea of who you could work with, we also recommend reaching out to some of their current Postgraduate Research (PGR) students to find out more about their experience and the supervision style you can expect from our colleagues. You can find the profiles of our current PGR students at the link below.

Our PGR Students 

If you have your own funding and would like to pursue a research project of your choice, you can find a potential supervisor from our list of academic staff or by visiting our Research Groups to see the academic staff in each group.  

If your research interest is interdisciplinary, you might find it helpful to contact more than one potential supervisor, with a view to working with multiple supervisors.

Please note: for advertised projects, supervisors are already determined. 

Search for a supervisor

Search staff via directories

School of GeoSciences staff directory Browse Edinburgh Research Explorer 

Search staff via Research Institute or Research Group

As a research student, you will be affiliated to one of our three Research Institutes, benefiting from an excellent peer-supported network. As groupings of researchers with related interests, the Institutes provide a forum for the development of ideas and collaboration, as well as an environment for training, development and mentoring of research students and early career researchers.

Each Research Institute has several Research Groups, categorized by areas of interest.

Earth and Planetary Science Research Institute Geography and the Lived Environment Research Institute Global Change Research Institute