NERC Recognised Experimental Geoscience Facility

The NERC Recognised Experimental Geoscience (XG) facility is a suite of laboratories equipped to support experimental investigations of physical, chemical and coupled Earth processes.

Many novel developments in geosciences and biology require safe and routine access to 'large-volume' fluid, gas and solid medium pressure vessel systems which operate at high pressure and at controlled temperature and gas speciation. Such systems require operation and maintenance in purpose-built, blast-proof environments by experienced personnel. The Edinburgh laboratories provide a core facility for a range of experimental work.

The facility supports in-house research and also provides preparation and experimental laboratories to support experimental geoscience research programs carried out by members of the geoscience community. The service provided by the facility is based on scientific collaboration and interaction with the facility’s customers.

Access to the laboratories is provided on a pay-as-you-go basis, with full experimental costs subject to the diverse nature and duration of the experimentation proposed by the user. Prospective users will be required to contact the facility manager to identify overall experimental costs at an early stage of project development. Naturally, access to the facility is available for users running funded projects established independently of collaboration with the Edinburgh facility, subject to agreement on experimental costs.

The service provided is available to research students, postdoctoral researchers, fellows and academics. Experimental programs across a wide experimental base, ranging from one-off pilot experiments, through short visits to long-term collaborative research programs, are supported. The facility welcomes applications to act as a host for UK and European funded Research Fellows.



This article was published on 31 May, 2017